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YOOM manga is the perfect comic viewer/reader for small devices such as tablets and smartphones. It's intelligent frame detection technology brings you an exciting manga reading experience.

Zoom In and Out

YOOM frame detection engine perform automated zooming in and out. Each frame scrolls smoothly in the playback mode without manual panning and zooming. You can enjoy large images in the small screen of the mobile phone.

Multi Device, Multi Screen Resolution

YOOM manga supports both tablets and smartphones. It's user interfaces are optimized depending on the screen size and orientation.

Automated Frame-By-Frame Reading

You can read next page continuously without touching or swiping. YOOM provides you a fully automated frame-by-frame reading. Mirrroring your device's display on your TV, you can enjoy a novel manga reading experience.

ZIP Compressed JPEG Images

YOOM is specialized in manga images which you have scanned by yourself. Images should use a compressed format such as JPEG or PNG, with a serial number, be packaged as a zip format file.


YOOM manga

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